AliExpress integration

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This integration is designed to synchronize AliExpress orders with Bitrix24 deals.

An AliExpress order is imported as a deal. Order products are logged into a Deal table.

A buyer is imported as a contact. When order status changes, application initiates a trigger corresponding to a new status.

Versão 2

The integration now supports AliExpress Messenger. It operates as follows: when AliExpress customers send messages to a seller, a Bitrix24 chat is created with the new AliExpress message and vice versa: when seller writes a message in Bitrix24 chat, it’s automatically sent to AliExpress customer chat.

Versão 1
Use AliExpress and Bitrix24 integration to manage your sales with maximum convenience. You can track dynamics of your deals with all orders processed via Bitrix24 CRM.

Go to the AliExpress integration app page at the Bitrix24.Market and click “Install” to complete
standard installation procedure.