Deal analytics summary

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Use charts in this dashboard to understand sales trend over a specified time period. Learn how deals and revenues change over time and identify sources that brought about the most successful deals.

Charts in this dashboard:

  • Deals over time
  • Deals by status
  • Deal sources
  • Conversion by source
  • Revenue by source
  • Summarized statistics over time
This report is provided as a BI Builder dashboard. Standard dashboards are installed on demand; the installation does not require user input. Once installed, the dashboards will be available in the menu if BI Builder is available on your plan.

Versão 2
Multilingual support has been added

Versão 1
Deal analytics

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System dashboards are installed automatically and do not require your participation. After installation, they will be available in the appropriate menu item, and you can use them if the BI Builder is available on your plan.