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Use numerator to separate invoices of each of your companies.

The application allows you to create different automatic invoice numbering by template for different companies and firms that use the same Bitrix24 portal. Therefore, if you provide services and invoice clients from two or more legal entities, this is a great solution to organize your documentation.

Custom numerator is convenient because:

  • you create and assign a template by yourself (you can use the fields: serial or random number, date of the current day, month or year, your separator, as well as create your own descriptions for the numbering);
  • the system will automatically take into account not only new but also changed invoices and assign the number according to the template - managers do not need to constantly remember the number of the previous invoice and spend time manually numbering;
  • documents are distributed among different firms in an orderly manner;
  • the system allows you to quickly respond to the creation of an invoice - the number will be assigned instantly.
Watch the video how it works:

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The standard Bitrix24 numerator separates numbering only by document type (for example, all invoices on the portal are numbered according to a single algorithm). Using our application, you can assign each company its own invoice numerator with its own template.

The standart version of app includes only numerator for INVOICES, but other types of documents like contracts, commercial offers, waybill and etc. are also can be numbered with the numerator. Let us know, if you need the expansion of the app functionality.

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This app is a flexible solution that can be used both in its standard functionality and by adapting it to your business purposes.
We offer our application optimization services in terms of the requirements, goals and tasks of your company. Among possible changes and remakes:
  • Setting fields and adding data fields;
  • Creating the necessary stages or business process that works on the base of the application;
  • Language and country (geographical) adaptation;
  • Integration with other systems;
  • Customizing application design;
  • Any changes in the application logic and much more.

Versão 1
The application allows you to create different automatic numbering by template for different legal entities using the same Bitrix24 portal and different types of documents (invoices, contracts)



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Instructions for setting up the fields

BONUS when buying an app license key: Installation of the application to your portal and its configuring is free!

Install the app from Bitrix24 Marketplace and create your own Numerator.

Go to the application “Numerator”. Click on the “Add element” button. Fill in the fields:

  • “Numerator Name”
  • "Template". Here you can sel ect ready-made variables for the current day, month, year, serial or random number, and also enter your own numbering element (prefix).
  • "Separator". Select the character that will separate the numerator template variables — period, hyphen, or slash.
  • "Company". Indicate the one for which the numerator is being created.
  • If you added an serial or random number to the template, then at the bottom you will see additional lines.

With the serial number, you can specify:

a) fr om what number to start the counting;

b) what step (increment) to use;

c) the length of the number (two-, three-digit number, for example).

With a random number, you can select a range of numbers, as well as the length of the number.

The numerator is attached to your Company, namely to its Details. In order for your company to be reflected in the application in the list of available ones, add it through CRM - Settings - My Company Details - Add a company. The new company will immediately be reflected in the application, and you can assign it an individual numbering.

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