Integration with WordPress Contact Form 7

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Complete and easy integration Bitrix24 and website on WordPress Contact Form 7 without programming in 5 minutes!

Key features:
  • Applications from the site go to CRM;
  • End-to-end analytics (transfer of UTM tags, visited pages);
  • Linking existing Contacts and Companies (search by phone and / or mail);
  • Auto-formatting of numbers with a choice of any countries.
Pleasant trifles:
  • Transfer of UTM tags;
  • Transfer of the client's digital footprint (for the conversion plugin);
  • Transfer of visited pages to LEAD;
  • Control of repeated Leads (tag "Repeated Lead");
  • Strict control of duplicates (unification of leads);
  • Queue of responsible persons;
  • Notification of the responsible person;
  • Creation of a Deal with the previous person in charge, if the LEAD has made deals before (optional).
Official plugin for integrating Bitrix24 and WordPress CF7 -

Note. Integration with different CMS may require a Bitrix24 plugin with modification for a specific CMS. For example, if you have a general plugin “Site Integration with WordPress Contact Forms 7”, and you need to integrate OpenCart, then you need to additionally install the “Integration with OpenCart Store” plugin.

Other plugins:
30 days free! Then $ 5 per month.

Versão 2
Integration into the contact center

Versão 1
Integration of Bitrix24 with a site on WordPress Contact Form 7. Ready module for WordPress. UTM-tags, duplicate control, phone auto-formatting.

Implementation support and assistance -
Ideas and improvements -

  1. Install the plugin in Bitrix24;
  2. On the "Integration" page, copy the Secret API key;
  3. Install plugin on WordPress Contact Form 7 -
  4. Go to plugin settings, enter your portal domain and Secret API key;
  5. Submit all forms on the site to establish their connection with Bitrix24;
  6. Go to the application on the portal, select the correspondence between the fields of the Site and Bitrix24;
  7. If necessary, configure additional functionality (auto-formatting, muzzle control, queues, notifications, etc.);