Loja Integrada

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Loja Integrada
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Elevate your business with Albato – the ultimate solution for effortlessly managing orders, products, and customer relationships.

Discover the seamless integration of Loja Integrada and Bitrix24, designed to streamline your operations. With Albato, securely processing customer orders becomes a breeze, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Connect once, and witness an automatic transfer of customer details, products, and orders between Loja Integrada and Bitrix24, eradicating the hassle of manual imports.

Centralize your customer information, ensuring it's always at your fingertips. Stay informed with instant notifications for new orders. Embrace the power of real-time data synchronization and propel your business forward.

Key benefits:
  • Effortless migration of your VTEX customer database to Bitrix24
  • Automatic creation of a dedicated activity in Bitrix24 for each new VTEX order
  • Real-time updates in Bitrix24 reflecting changes in VTEX orders
  • Product additions in VTEX will be reflected in the Bitrix24 product catalogue
Follow this link to learn about Loja Integrada plans.

Versão 1
Automatically transfer orders, products and customers from Loja Integrada

You can reach out to us for user support via email at support@albato.com. Simply drop us a message, and we'll get back to you promptly.

Alternatively, you can also chat with us directly through the application interface. Our online chat feature allows for quick and convenient communication, ensuring that you receive the assistance you need in real-time.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to ensure your experience with our app is smooth and successful.
  1. Install the app via Bitrix24 Market
  2. Provide API credentials to connect Loja Integrada to Bitrix24
  3. Enable desired scenarios via buttons
You can find detailed instructions on how to install and configure the application at this link in text format. The app requires API credentials (generated on Loja Integrada's end) to operate.