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  • Umnico - omnichannel messaging platform to raise your customer relations in Bitrix24

Utilize omnichannel messaging platform Umnico to integrate the robust functionality of messengers and social media with Bitrix24. Leverage the combination of all communication channels to engage your customers within the Open lines and Bitrix24 widget. Never miss a  message or a comment from your client again!

Utilize Umnico's advantages to foster your businesses:

Operate the broadest range of supported channels in Bitrix24 on the market:
  • Telegram Bot and Personal number, with the functionality to message first
  • WhatsApp / WhatsApp Business / WhatsApp Business API
  • VKontakte + Comments on posts, photos, products, and videos
  • Odnoklassniki + Comments on posts, photos, products, and videos
  • Instagram Direct + Comments / Stories / comments from commercial posts / IGTV
  • Facebook + Comments on posts, photos, products, and videos
  • Viber with audio messaging support
  • Avito with the function of replying to messages
  • Employ high-quality official integrations that can prevent your account suspension.
  • Enjoy accesses and new call distribution with flexible configuration.
  • Initiate a conversation with your client in Telegram, WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business API, from any deal/lead and with any number.
  • Connect any number of instant messengers and social media accounts with no restrictions.
  • Relish fast and smooth operation for all integrated channels.
  • Send messages and submit files with no limits.
  • Support for the full functionality of Robots and Business Processes.
  • Take advantage of message history loading.
  • Employ multifunctional widget with dialogs duplication, full functionality support, and its own search features.
  • Use full preview of comments on posts.
  • Reply to comments and stories in Instagram Direct right in Bitrix24.
  • Respond to messages in the Bitrix24 mobile application.
  • Benefit from the support for all types of files and media.
  • Rent a hosting in our data center upon request.

Our experts are ready to help you to onboard or to setup all required integrations  

Telegram (@umnico_user_support_bot)


You can test the app for free for 3 days.

For more information about the rates, please visit our website.

The app is provided free of charge, but you must be a user of the service in order for it to work

Versão 3
Added support for business processes

Versão 2

If you have any difficulties installing the app, need help or advice, we will be happy to help you, our contacts:

Connection instructions:

1. Install the app in your Bitrix24

2. After installation, the application settings page opens, where you need to enter the Umnico API token. To get it, follow these steps.

3. Create an account in the service (or log in to a previously created account)

4. Go to Settings-Integration and add connections to the necessary channels

5. Go to Settings-API and copy the token

6. Go Back to the settings window of the Umnico app in Bitrix24 and enter the received token

7. If you accidentally closed the API key entry window after installing the app, or if you need to change the account binding, log in to Bitrix24 in the Applications – Installed – Umnico menu and enter the Umnico API token

8. If you encounter problems with receiving messages, first check whether messages are sent directly to the Umnico account in the Fresh or Requests sections.

a. If there are no incoming channels, try reconnecting them in the Settings-Integration section.

b. If there are messages, see the history of all conversations in Bitrix24 in the Contact center-list of conversations

c. If there are messages in the Umnico dashboard, but not in the open lines and list of Bitrix24 conversations, try changing the Umnico API token in the app settings and saving it again. Make sure that the API token is correct and up-to-date.

d. If the problem persists, please contact our technical support.