Call Card Extended information about the client in call details

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Call Card Extended information about the client in call details

The Call Card application is built into the call card window and allows you to edit data about the lead, contact, company from which the call comes.

The purpose of the application is that the operator will quickly save the contact details of the calling client without additional clicks.

✓ The set of fields to display depends on the calling entity.

✓ You can set up your own set for the lead, and your own for the company.

✓ The application supports most standard fields, including custom ones.

✓ Data is saved automatically after entering and when closing the card. For safety, there is a save button.


The developer of the Itgrix integration module is ITgro (Reasonable Solutions LLC).

Since 2010, we have been developing various web projects (Bitrix24 sites, web services, mobile applications, etc.), and since 2015 we have been implementing and finalizing Bitrix24, installing and configuring Asterisk, integrating corporate portals with Asterisk and other customer systems.

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Versão 1
The application allows you to edit customer data directly from the call details.

You can write your feedback on the operation of the application in the chat

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