MicroEDA - Tool for Electronic Document Approval

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MicroEDA - Tool for Electronic Document Approval
INTERVOLGA Internet Agency

MicroEDA (Micro Electronic Document Approval) -  is a new cloud service that allows you to request and receive approval on documents electronically from different stakeholders. These could be colleagues in the same office, company management, clients, or business partners.

Participants in an approval process can be both users in the company’s Bitrix24 and external parties.
When external users are invited to be part of an approval process, they receive a notification via email, they can view the attached documents online, and grant their approval or decline.

Internal users will receive a notification in Bitrix24 about the invitation.

How it works:

To create a new document approval workflow, simply click on the “Create button”.

Add a title, attach the document which you want approval for or a link to the document, add approval parties according to the order in which they will grant approval, add notes and Bind the approval to a CRM entity (if needed).

Key features:

  1. Approval parties can be added by email
  2. The app is compatible with both cloud and on-premise Bitrix24
  3. Approval can be granted via email (by external parties)
  4. Templates can be created for processes that have the same set of approvers or similar documents
  5. An Approval process can be initiated from a CRM entity card
  6. All approval parties can leave comments which will be displayed on the workflow page
For more information about the app and use cases, CLICK HERE

Versão 3
Improved application stability

Versão 2
Fixed bugs in creating approval

Versão 1
MicroSED is a new cloud service for requesting and receiving approval on documents from different stakeholders.

For enquiries, suggestions and feedback, please write to us at microsed@intervolgaru.com.

  1. Download the app from the Bitrix24.Market.
  2. Read and accept the user license agreement.
  3. Install the application
  4. Open the application by clicking on it in the left menu or use the search bar
  5. The "Start Approval" button will appear on the Start screen
  6. Upload the document to be approved, create an approval route by selecting users from your Bitrix24 or adding by email
  7. Click "Start".
  8. Your approval train is in motion!

Happy Approving!