Clickatell SMS for Bitrix24

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Clickatell provides communication solutions which can now be utilized within Bitrix24 through the extension Clickatell SMS for Bitrix24 and enhance your communications using the features below.

- Clickatell Messages

Open a Bitrix24 Lead, Contact or Deal and sel ect Clickatell fr om the panel on top. Sel ect the messaging sender. Click on 'Add Recipients' to include multiple contacts. Enter the required contact numbers. Enter the message or sel ect the required template. Ins ert Lead/Contact/Deal Fields, User Fields and emojis when required. Click on Send SMS.

- Bulk Messaging

Sele ct Clickatell SMS for Bitrix24 fr om menu on the left side of the Bitrix24 CRM. Select the message sender and click on 'Add Recipients'. Select the country code and enter the contact number. Click on 'Add'. Similarly, add multiple contacts to send bulk message. Type in your message or ins ert templates. Add User Field and emojis if required. Click on 'Send SMS'.

- Predefined Messages

Within the extension interface, click on Insert Template to sele ct and send a predefined SMS. You can also create a new template, edit an existing template and delete a template.

Go through the complete details of the extension here.

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Go through the pricing of the extension through the link below:

Versão 2
User interface updated for better experience.

Versão 1
Send individual, Bulk and Campaign messages through Clickatell SMS to Leads, Contacts and Deals from Bitrix24

Contact Page :
Email              :
WhatsApp      : 917397415648 - Send WhatsApp Message
Install Clickatell SMS into Bitrix24 following the steps below.

- The extension can be viewed on the Bitrix24.Market.
- Click on Install.
- Accept the required permissions and click on 'Install'.
- Authorize your Bitrix24 account.
- Enter the Clickatell API Key and authorize the Clickatell account.

The application installation is complete.

View the detailed installation and setup process here.