ChatsApp24 for WhatsApp

ChatsApp24 for WhatsApp communication
Corporate WhatsApp in Bitrix24 Open Channels.
The general WhatsApp channel for your employees through CRM.

  • Initiate communication from contact, deal, lead, company detail forms.
  • Automate communications via automation rules and workflows.
  • The dialogue history is linked to each contact and transaction.
  • Manage the managers correspondence .
  • Communicate in WhatsApp groups through CRM.
  • Synchronize with your phone. Correspondence made from the phone is reflected in CRM.
  • WhatsApp distribution by segment. Mass mailing to your contact base via WhatsApp. Start distribution using the CRM marketing segments.
  • Connect multiple WhatsApp numbers.

Versão 5
Performance, fault tolerance

Versão 4
SMS provider for mass sending of WhatsApp messages to your clients.
WhatsApp groups in Bitrix24 Open Channels.

1. Request a demo (2 days) or buy an account here
2. Install the application;
3. Select open channel and enter the phone for the site widget In the app settings;
4. Save;
5. Scan your WhatsApp's QR code;
6. Set up your phone for stable WhatsApp in CRM.