RingCentral Telephony


You can receive inbound and make outbound calls directly from Bitrix24 via your RingCentral telephony account.

RingCentral is a cloud-based communication and collaboration platform with much more than traditional office phone systems, VoIP business phone service or a virtual PBX. It offers a comprehensive set of business features that unify online voice, video, conferencing and messaging tools within a contact center team collaboration.  

RingCentral features:

  1. Available phone numbers.

  2. Cloud PBX.

  3. Phone accessories, devices and services.

  4. Call management.

  5. Collaboration.

  6. Voicemail and greetings.

  7. Integrations.

  8. Mobility.

Install this application to integrate RingCentral telephony with Bitrix24. All calls made from and received inside your Bitrix24 account will be routed via RingCentral. Configure the application and select RingCentral as your telephony provider.



The integration feature is available for Premium or Enterprise RingCentral plans. Get more details about plans and prices.

Versão 5
Optimized application code for registration and calls completion

Versão 4
Fixed error with uploading large mp3 recording files.
All RingCentral numbers can be registered as incoming lines.
Security updates.

Versão 3
Improved security, fixed minor bugs.

Versão 2
This is the second version of RingCentral integration with Bitrix24 CRM.  We added the ability to automatically connect the manager responsible  for the call when the Callback CRM form is submitted. Also the app now  handles call forwarding correctly. The errors of the previous version  have been fixed, including the compatibility check of the user's  RingCentral account with the requirements of the application.

Complete standard installation from Bitrix24 Marketplace and proceed with the following steps:

  • For Bitrix24 administrator:

    1. Authorize application with your RingCentral account.

    2. Enter the telephone number you will make calls through.

    3. Configure settings for inbound and outbound calls.

    4. Select RingCentral as your telephony provider.

  • For all users who want to process calls in Bitrix24:

    1. Authorize application with your RingCentral account.